First experiences

For most 16–18-year-olds, the Saturday job is a crucial part of their weekend life.  Whether it’s an eight-hour shift or a quick paper round before going back to bed, it gives us the freedom to earn our own money and motivates us for the future.  Besides this, however, such part-time jobs can also teach our young people much more than an ability to wake up on time. There’s also responsibility, reliability, honesty and an appreciation of a proper day’s work.  Being employed here at Clip ‘n Climb Ipswich has definitely done just that in my case.

clip n climb, ipswich, suffolkNatural progression

Just like the walls in our arena that increase in difficulty, each of us part-time employees begin on the lower levels.  Specifically, in our Paddy and Scott’s café, working in pot wash or running food helps build confidence and increases our ability to cope with repeated challenges.  Whilst in a safe environment, we are trained as baristas, learning more about customer service, eventually being able to complete all tasks needed to ensure customers’ satisfaction.  Making the perfect coffee or sending an order through to our chefs becomes second nature, and we rarely need to look over to our café manager David for help, meaning he can get on with his own jobs!  Working in such a friendly, relaxed environment promotes a belief system within our younger staff, helping them progress as people and learn the basics of the workplace within a safe and secure working environment.

Going above & beyond

Working alongside my colleagues, now friends, has given me an insight into people my age (and older!) who are similar to me.  Being part of the café team has engendered skills of tolerance, appreciation and understanding what it is to be a team player in an organisation. I, myself, have been the recipient of these qualities, because I have a stutter.  Being around other people and customers is certainly challenging but two years on, my confidence levels are soaring, and I don’t intend to stop working with customers now that I’ve overcome my anxieties.  Given the right opportunities and support, a place such as Clip ‘n Climb Ipswich allows opportunities for personal growth and the chance to add something to the community that you’re living in, especially with Covid-19 making things so difficult!  Coming back after all three lockdowns has given us all such an appreciation of the world around us and the people within it.  Seeing so many different faces and interacting with so many wonderful customers every week is amazing and fulfilling in a way that is deeply personal to me; definitely something I missed!

If you ever visit our café, you’ll see plastered around, in very large letters, a slogan “fuelling ambition”.  I can certainly say my job at Clip ‘n Climb Ipswich has done just that for me.  Our staff in the café and in the arena hope to do so for you, too.