In life, fears can be very debilitating, from the quite common fears of animals, such as snakes or spiders to the fear of flying – they can all cause us problems at times.

A very common fear – particularly amongst adults – is the fear of heights. The good news is like any other fear this has been learned over time and here at Clip ‘n Climb Ipswich, as well as giving you and your family or friends an unforgettable experience, our lovely staff can help you push your boundaries and levels of bravery to really help overcome this fear.

What sets us apart
The main difference between our centre and many other climbing centres is the belay and clipping systems that we use – these are called the Trublue Autobelay and Belaymate systems. Both systems are widely acclaimed as the best of their kind in the world and allow our customers to climb safely after going through our briefing, regardless of your experience. You literally clip yourself in, climb as high as you are comfortable with and let go as the auto-belay brings you completely safely and slowly back down to the ground.

However, it is in challenging yourself to overcome your fear of heights where our centre and the systems we use come into their own. It is possible for a complete novice, with a fear of heights, to visit our centre and go at their own speed throughout their fun session and come away having achieved something they didn’t think they could. Indeed, this has been demonstrated numerous times in which visitors with strong fear of heights have made it to the top of our walls with the help of staff, on their very first visit to Clip ’n Climb Ipswich! What a way to burn off some energy, get the adrenaline flowing and maybe even complete a New Year’s resolution – you can do it!!

Something for everybody
Climbing is such a fun and inclusive form of exercise to do with friends and family of any age. We have toddler sessions (for under 4’s), senior sessions (for over 50’s) and even PT led Clip ’n Fit sessions for those wanting to push themselves a little further! Alternatively, you can Climb ’n Dine at lunch or dinner time on mid-week sessions, as well as offering SEND sessions and specific slots for those children that are homeschooled. All this plus our standard climbing sessions throughout the weekends and school holidays.

We all have a lot of positive energy to burn when we come out of lockdown and our staff look forward to welcoming you to our wonderful centre – which also happens to be the biggest and highest Clip ’n Climb in the world!!

Have a browse around our packed website for further information and exclusive offers!