A change in mindset

clip n climb, ipswichAsking to work from home was for many considered an ‘off limits’ conversation within the workplace, being perceived as an easy convenience and not something linked to high productivity. However, over the years with a big focus on office diversity and inclusion as well as companies being seen to support women and more so, promote the ‘home life balance’, the concept of flexi working hours was something becoming more than ‘norm’ within the traditional workplace setting. With then the whole world being thrown into utter chaos with the spread of the new pandemic, daily zoom calls and working from the spare bedroom, became something that many office workers were thrown into and more surprisingly, that many have adapted to well in spite of the various difficulties that the new work environment brought with it.

Striving in times of adversity

It goes without saying that the concept of the conventional 9-5 office job seems almost obsolete to a degree with whole teams proving that companies have continued to function and in many cases, succeed, despite the physical distance between colleagues and teams. Although, it can be said there are many benefits to the home working environment, team conmarade may have taken a side step with many events such as Christmas outings and monthly staff meetings being cancelled with the restrictions in place.

We must not underestimate the importance of team building events, not only to help build morale but to help with self esteem, particularly for those who have struggled with the new online rapport and the mental health difficulties that this may trigger.

Something different for your team

Clip ‘n Climb Ipswich offers a variety of options for corporate and team building events through a fun and challenging climbing arena designed for all ages and abilities. We aim to engage, stimulate and challenge all of our participants through 46 state-of-the-art climbing challenges, suited to team members both competitive and maybe those a little more introverted, with many singular and multi-lined walls. Whether you’re looking for a whole day event or simply an evening social, we can cater for various group sizes and requirements. A perfect location for something just that little bit different, promising to bring your team back together after months of separation. Please email our Events Team on events@clipnclimbipswich.com to see what we can offer you and your team.